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Brew House Beer Chillers – 2 Piece Gift Set for Men – Stainless Steel Drink Chiller Sticks Keep Bottled Drinks Cold – a cooler bar & party accessory & an ale chilling necessity – Made by Arron Kelly

STOP RUSHING! Enjoy a refreshing drink cooler and crisper with no worries about the warm, foamy end drink! Because this time it will be COLD! Brew House Beer Chillers are made with high quality stainless steel & have a technologically advanced cooling liquid inside, these two key components make your cold drink stay colder, longer! The neck is made from a strong rubber which allows the Beer Chiller to seal tightly around most bottle tops, leak free! Brew House Beer Chillers are FDA approved! The Beer Chiller is a useful & fun gift for any occasion! It’s easy to store, not too big & comes in sturdy gift box packaging! It weight is: …

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